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Moles are neither pest nor vermin, in the true sense; but they can be a severe nuisance to gardeners, a threat to farmers through soil contamination and a welfare risk to horse and rider.


Martyn for Moles and Hemingford Pest Control offer a traditional molecatching service across the Buckinghamshire, using only humane traps.  Martyn is accredited to Level 2 of the Guild of British Molecatchers and a member of the Association of Professional Mole Catchers.


For the record, trapping is the only safe, humane and effective way to remove a mole problem.  The sonic and aroma repellents sold in some garden centres will not work.  Sonic repellents have been known to actually attract worms through increased vibration and therefore increase the probability of mole infestation.


As a traditional molecatcher, Martyn works on a ‘no mole no fee’ basis * so you only pay for the moles he traps.





The mole found in the UK is the Common or European Mole (Talpa europaea).  The most usual sign of mole infestation is the molehills that they throw up above the surface.  These are the ‘exhaust’ of the soil removed from what can be very extensive tunnel systems.  Although solitary animals, moles do share tunnels and as one mole can dig up to 20m of tunnel each day; it doesn’t take very long for two moles to create lot of damage to a garden.


Moles diet mainly consist of earthworms but they will eat many invertebrates and in some cases have been know to eat small snakes and lizards. They use their tunnels as traps for earthworms and can detect the smallest vibration such as when a worm falls into a tunnel.





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*within a 10 mile radius of Wendover.  Milage is chargeable for work outside this area.


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